Business Contracts for Central Florida Professionals

Almost everything in the business world is governed by contracts. Contracts clearly define relationships between employers and employees and between employers and outside vendors.

Whether you are drafting a new business contract or are disputing an existing one, working with an experienced lawyer can help ensure your legal needs are met. At the law office of Higley & Szabo, P.A., we have over 45 years of experience representing clients throughout Central Florida and the greater Orlando area in business contract matters.

Types of Business Contracts

To be effective, business contracts must be inexplicably clear and carefully detail the expectations and obligations of each party. We help businesses prepare contracts for:

  • Asset purchase agreements: We work with businesses who are interested in purchasing new assets, including a new business or equipment.
  • Bills of sale: When a business is involved in the sale of their business or their business assets, preparing a contract can help ensure their rights are protected during and after the sale.
  • Restrictive sale agreements: We work with businesses to prepare restrictive sale agreements which prevent competition between the two businesses. Additionally, we work with employees in interpreting and determining the enforceability of non-compete agreements.
  • Non-compete agreements: Our lawyers work with employers to prevent employees from working for a competitor business too quickly after leaving the first business.
  • Individual consulting agreements: We work with individuals to prepare consulting agreements. These are typically written for a specific topic and a limited amount of time.
  • Employment agreements: We work with employers to draft contracts governing the relationship between employers and employees.
  • Construction Contracts: We work with clients in drafting, reviewing and revising general contracts, subcontracts, purchase orders, architect and engineer agreements and materials contracts.

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